your questions…

Where will my shoot take place?

We use a selection of different local private country houses, studios and venues in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire giving us total privacy, peace and the opportunity to create a great shoot environment. We try to use locations that will work best for you. Please arrive about 15 minutes before your photo shoot begins and the girls can get you all relaxed and ready for your Hair and Makeup.

Who will take my photographs?

Your boudoir photographs will be taken by the multi International Award Winning David Bostock (FMPA, LRPS, LBBA). David is one of the UK’s foremost Wedding and Boudoir photographers and has been photographing boudoir for the past 10 years. At you shoot David is supported by an all female Hair & Makeup team who are in attendance for the whole of your shoot.

Every photograph on this website and also on our Facebook and Instagram pages was taken by David.

Is it alright if I bring a friend?

Of course, you can bring a friend – this is your experience. Your friend does have to be over 18 and may attend your makeup and wardrobe session but we can’t allow guests in during the photo session.

Can I be photographed with someone else?
Our Bridal Boudoir shots are designed to only have one subject and that’s YOU, so we don’t allow others in on your big moment. We do however offer Couple sessions.
Can I do my own makeup?
Of course, you can do your own makeup but makeup for photography is very different from the makeup you would normally wear every day. For optimal results, we recommend that you allow our professional stylist to do your hair and make-up.
I used to be in better shape — how worried should I be about my figure?
We use a wide variety of props, camera angles, lighting and other techniques to enhance your best features, and downplay anything that might be making you a little self-conscious. Remember, even the most beautiful models in the world still get their photos retouched!
Will my pictures show up on the Internet?
Absolutely Not. The photographs on our site are of women who are proud of their images and kindly allowed us to use them and we have signed model releases allowing us to use them. We hold your privacy in the highest regard.

we have years of experience

How long will it take for my pictures to be ready?
After your shoot, we get to work straight away and within 2 week you will see your photos live on your STRICTLY PRIVATE on-line Gallery. It’s then down to you to decide which of your photographs you want printed. If you decide you want us to create an album/wall art we generally need at least 21 days to turn this around in time for your wedding. We can do something is less time if really pushed but it will usually incur a rush order fee.
What is photo retouching?
Photo retouching is the process of correcting slight blemishes in the pictures. In most instances we can smooth skin, remove scars or acne or tattoos if asked, change colours or adjust lighting to assist in the creative process and get you the images you want. We also sometime use a wonderful Photoshop tool called liquify which is fabulous for nipping in and tucking bits you want to give you a cover-shot look. Come on you don’t really think those cover shot girls have no help do you?
What should I bring to my shoot?
When you book your photo shoot we will contact you via email and suggest some key pieces of lingerie to bring. We recommend bring a few changes. Anything goes, Corsets, lace underwear even your husband to be`s favourite casual shirt. But bring it all! We’ll help you choose the best items for your shoot. We also recommend you bring high heels and any jewellery you want featured in your images.
I’ve never done anything like this before, how will I know how to pose?
Don’t worry, we have years of experience helping women to pose and look fabulous, we will work with you and make sure we get it just right. You’ll feel like a pro in no time!
Do they have to be revealing?
NO! We believe that suggestion is the most erotic way to shoot women. A naked shoulder, a hint of stocking top, sexy heels and seamed stockings, laying on a chaise longue draped in a silk robe which has slipped off one shoulder to reveal a sexy bra strap. You tell us when you book what style of shoot you want and we will help you decide what items to bring with you to the shoot. We will always respect your wishes and will never coach or coerce you into shooting an image with which you are not comfortable.
I want my photos to be very sexy and erotic. How revealing can I be?

We are happy to shoot sexy and erotic but generally we will only photograph full uncovered female nudity if you request it (in which case, no problem). We prefer to shoot “implied nude” which is far sexier. You can be as clothed or unclothed as you are comfortable with during the shoot.

How many people will be attending the shoot?
A small team of two, the makeup artist / stylist and the photographer, we want you to feel relaxed and comfortable.