A Boudoir Shoot | 5 Reasons you need to do one

5 reasons why you should do a boudoir shoot (by Ms E.)

When I was in my twenties I was desperate to do a Boudoir shoot or a portrait shoot these shoots were reserved for super models. Also people were so sceptical about your motives and the motives of those who took such beautiful images.

Fast forward to 2024 and we are in a whole new world. We are liberated, confident and able to choose what we want to do without worry of raising an eyebrow. For me this is fantastic news as I am a total believer that you will never be this young or this fabulous again and so no matter what your age, capture your beauty for ever.

Our clients range from brides to be who want to capture the their flushed beauty in the run up to their wedding. We have women celebrating their 40th, 50th and 60th birthday. We have women who have lost weight and want to celebrate how great they feel. We have ” Mums to be” who want to capture those final “blooming” weeks of pregnancy, the list goes on but every single shoot we do is unique and personal just like the reasons for having one. Every single client has a story for us to capture and some are amazing.

We had one lady who after many years found her childhood love, she had recently divorced and had lost weight. She felt good but wanted to be professionally pampered and to capture this moment in her life to celebrate how she felt. She was and inspiration to us and literally cried when she saw how beautiful she looked. My other favourite is of a bride to be who pinched the grooms wedding shirt and wore it with a sexy hat for a pre wedding boudoir shoot. Her groom was speechless that she had managed to do this but also how incredible she looked in his shirt. It was so romantic that she had worn it first!

A celebration photo-shoot of you.

I personally did a shoot for a significant birthday, to be honest it started out as a bit of a giggle but half way into my make up session I got really excited and thought “why shouldn’t I celebrate me”. Any one who knows me, knows I have a shoe obsession and so my entire shoot was built around my Jimmy Choos, Louboutin boots and my most favourite Sophia Webster ankle boots, oh and some sexy stockings and lingerie.

So many people ask me why you should do a boudoir shoot? and here are the five things I tell them.

  1. You will have your makeup and hair done by a professional, a professional who will know what style you are looking for and will make sure she captures that look with your hair and makeup. You will have an hour and a half of total pampering whilst you sip bubbles and have some  serious spoil time

Woman with blond hair wearing a mans white shirt having a boudoir photoshoot

2.  You get to go shopping for shoes, lingerie and more. We will help you create your own private and secure    pinterest board. This will help you express your ideas visually and in turn it helps us to completely know what you want – be it white shirt of sexy slinky.

model posed in a doorway wearing a mans white shirt with black stockings and high heels doing a boudoir shoot

3. During the shoot our photographer and stylist will help you pose in the most flattering way using the most flattering light. Don’t forget our job here is to make you look amazing and we have years of experience doing just that. We have photographed women with all figure types from super slim to gorgeous and curvy, really tall to really petite and every single woman we have photographed has a hang up about something. Stretch marks, tattoos, wobbly thighs, bingo wings you name it we have heard it all. Ours aim is the same and we always achieve it – to make you feel and look incredible.

woman lying on a wooden floor posing for a boudoir photo-shoot wearig black lingerie4. You get an amazing collection of colour corrected and enhanced images. Some in Colour and some in black and white, but all of them capturing the essence of the shoot you want.

Bridal inspired boudoir shoot with flowers and white lingerie5. Heres the best bit and my number one reason for having a shoot. You get to share your images, you can give them to your husband to be, your boyfriend or just keep them for them yourself.

box of matted photographic prints from a boudoir photoshootred box with the word GODDESS written on it

We have one client who did just that. Had her shoot, which was amazing and she kept them just for herself. Whenever she has a confidence dip she sits down with a glass of bubbles and celebrates herself.

I have to say that I am rather proud to have some of my images in my boutiques as promotional shots and when people admire them I just smile inwardly. Wishing my bum was the same size now !!!

lady in black lingerie and high heels lying on a bed during a boudoir photoshoot

It’s worth mentioning that we get super busy in the run up to Christmas for Christmas gifts then Valentines gifts so if your shoot is for these two times it pays to book early. Why not get in touch about why you should do a boudoir shoot and lets chat it over. Get in touch – click here


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